Technology is irrelevant, if marketing doesn’t stimulate feelings

More than hundred professionals and students attended the guest lecture of Einar Ben Thursday 6th of February in Joensuu, as he spoke to the audience about marketing technology and creativity.

Einar Ben spoke about marketing technology and creativity in an Digi2Market-event in Joensuu, Finland.

Einar Ben is an owner and marketing director of Tjarnargatan, an Icelandic media production company. In Joensuu he participated in an event organized by Digi2Market Karelia UAS team, as he is collaborating closely with the project’s Icelandic partner SSNV.

Tjarnargatan is not known in Finland, but it has many awards in international marketing competitions. Einar Ben feels very proud on moments, when he gets to spread the success stories of Tjarnargatan.

“It is not the best of feelings, when you try to create some ideas to your customers and nothing good comes to your mind. But that really is what daily work is very often. Then there are days like this, when you feel so excited, because you can tell about the great things you have been part of”, Einar Ben told focusing the message specially to attending students.

Most of the presentation was about his favorite campaigns which were produced using physical and digital marketing and with immersive experience. The audience saw powerful content related to mental health issues and traffic safety. Those campaigns gained good reach on social media platforms and more importantly affected people’s lives. The campaign against young men and their suicidal tendencies has helped to save some men with problems to not take their own life.

“That kind of things are naturally most important for us. It is great that we can work with this kind of customers. We have to think about the content very closely with the customer, so we can build powerful stories. Then we choose marketing technology that suits each solution.”

In the end of the presentation there was good discussion between the audience and the guest speaker. Einar Ben was asked if there are some kind of customers that they are not willing to work with.

“In political field we have worked with three different political parties and of course I don’t agree with them all in all issues. But it has been easy to reject the possibility to work with the Icelandic party with racist values. I also would not want to work with tobacco companies even though I don’t judge smoking. And if any drugs would become legal, I would say no to drug companies also.”