Outputs and Results

Here you can find ready and upcoming project outputs and results.

Marketing Toolkit for SMEs

One of the project's output is to develop a marketing toolkit beneficial for reaching new markets.

A marketing toolkit for small and medium sized companies (SMEs) is intended to assist companies developing their marketing and sales activities and reaching new markets. It will be located at the project's website.

It will assist companies to overcome distance and communication barriers and isolation through online networking. Digital solutions can overcome the problems of physical connectivity in periphery regions. A marketing toolkit that is based on online technology, virtual and/or augmented reality can offer a realistic means for small companies to market and sell at distance.

Following groups will benefit from using the marketing toolkit:

  • SMEs
  • Business support agencies

Digital city

The digital city provides the resource base available to enterprises throughout the project. Training resources will be stored on the website. The website will offer the possibility to find other companies or organisations of interest. It will store a marketing toolbox as well as some examples of virtual and augmented reality used in marketing. It will furthermore form a platform for B2B to enable Digital Hubs and SMEs in rural regions to create virtual networks. The target group for this output are SMEs and business support organisations.

Resources related to Digital City will be available also on Resources-page.

Digital City will be published in the summer of 2020 and it will continue to grow with further content and networks after that.

A finnish language website about AR and VR

To serve SMEs, who have finnish as their native language, the project has established a finnish website with relevant information about current topics around the project from a Finnish perspective and also some takeaways from the world of VR and AR. The website will also help Karelia partner to communicate and attract relevant companies more effectively. The articles related to current topics in the specific area will help companies to find new marketing solutions. The other published content is basic information related to VR and AR to serve marketers with entry level or more advanced interest.

The website gives better access to the topic for interested parties, that are not fluent in english. The website was published in October 2019 and it will continue to be updated during the whole project. The content of the website is shared to finnish language Twitter- and Facebook-accounts.

See the website: