Case Study: Waahto Brewery wanted to differentiate with AR content

Marketing is highly important for breweries, since the products in the beer industry are often very close substitutes to each other. Waahto Brewery, a small Finnish brewery, wanted to differentiate from its competitors with creative marketing, so they tried an augmented reality solution.

Digi2Market partner Karelia UAS worked with Waahto Brewery in spring 2019. A couple of months’ co-operation in spring meant that Waahto Brewery could deliver printed marketing material ready for pubs and restaurants for the following summer season. The main material created was a tri-fold brochure, that could be set standing on pub tables in Finland.

The brochure and the AR content followed visual guidelines of the brand and was created in co-operation with the marketing agency Waahto Brewery works with.

About Waahto Brewery

Waahto Brewery is a brewery located in Savonlinna, Eastern Finland. It produces craft beer and apple cider, which are sold in restaurants and grocery stores around Finland. The brewery is inside of an old mental hospital. Waahto Brewery has an in-house store and a summer restaurant attached to the brewery in addition to their other location also in Savonlinna city centre.



Instagram: @waahtobrewery

The AR-product was created with five Karelia UAS students, Waahto Brewery and the marketing agency Digitoimisto Digitaali Oy. The participation of marketing agency guaranteed, that Waahto Brewery and Karelia UAS had good understanding in the co-operation and everything progressed smoothly. The previous environmental review gave also good ideas for AR content. The tri-fold brochure included AR codes that opened funny product presentations and a company video.

The content requires the use of Zappar app, which is free and easy to use.

The brochure can be seen - and scanned - by clicking it open from the right column. When people scan the side of the brochure with a picture of a moose, the app will open an interactive 360 degree surrounding with animated characters

You can preview the animated characters in this video.

The co-operation was a success, not least because the goals of marketing communication were clear to all participants. The commitment to create and use content was good, because the production followed visual and other marketing guidelines of the company.

Got interested?

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