Case Study: Virtual tour helps customers to use facilities outside staff hours

Digi2Market collaborated with a Finnish wellness service company Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos (RFH) in a 360 virtual tour, which included interesting content such as detailed information on how to use the facilities outside staff hours and an integration to online store. RFH needed to tell new audiences about its services and facilities. RFH has physiotherapy services and a small gym, and as the covid-19 situation caused some restrictions for the services RFH can provide. A 360 virtual tour helps RFH to communicate its customers on how they keep things clean and how they can use the facilities during covid-19 instructions and restrictions.

In the co-operation with Digi2Market parter Karelia UAS the company worked with business and media students of Karelia UAS. The business students helped RFH to launch the online store and make it easier for customers to book and buy services online. Integrating online store to 360 virtual tour was surprisingly easy using Thinglink-service. The solution can be found here:

About RFH

Rantakylän Fysikaalinen Hoitolaitos Oy is a wellness service provide,r which also has a small gym in its facilities. It is located in Joensuu, Finland. It has eight employees. Six of them are physiotherapists, as different forms of physiotherapy are the key business of RFH.



Content of the virtual tour

RFH facilities are made from two different space in same building in a shopping mall. The entrance is not straightforward to find, so the marketing solutions starts with an image of the parking lot and building to direct people to the entrance. After the entrance you have to choose if you want to see more of the service rooms or the gym. In the gym there are a lot of instruction to help use the gym without staff members, as he gym is open also in very late and early hours, when there is no RFH staff available. The other option in the tour would lead to the reception of RFH and allow people to see all the service room facilities and explain what kind of services are available. There would be also possibilities to book services and buy gift cards and other items from online store.