Case Study: Rehab clinic uses virtual tour to inform customers

Companies in health and social services sector find it often important to reach decision makers of public services. Simultaneously they might have services served directly for individual customers. Digi2Market partnered with this kind of company Tervassalo, a rehab clinic located in Kontiolahti, Eastern Finland. Tervassalo wanted to get more market share and reach new customers, so they joined a Digi2Market partner Karelia UAS to make a virtual tour of their location and services.

The virtual tour helps Tervassalo to better inform communal decision makers, who are buying services to help citizens in need of rehab. Virtual tour makes it also easier to communicate potential individual customers on the facilities, services and surrounding of the rehab clinic.

In the beginning of the co-operation Tervassalo analysed the current situation of its marketing actions with Karelia UAS business students. Tervassalo wanted to improve its position in Google search results and be more known option for potential customers. In the discussions it became clear that Tervassalo needed to improve its digital marketing. The students made suggestions for marketing activities.

About Tervassalo

Tervassalon Päihdeklinikka Oy is a rehab clinic located in Kontiolahti, Finland. The rehab is a 12-step program based in scientific methods, which is why customers spend several months in the rehab clinic. Tervassalo is located by a river and beautiful nature in a former hospital area. The new owners bought the company in 2019 and they have been developing many aspects of the company.


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The content of the virtual tour

The virtual tour was created by three media students of Karelia UAS. The virtual tour consisted of 360-images from the surroundings and facilities of the rehab clinic. The photo shoot took place in a beautiful autumn day, so the outdoor surroundings were almost as good as if the photo shoot would have taken place in the summer. The students visited several locations in Tervassalo. Additional information, mostly descriptive and informative, was placed in the 360-images. It was also important to communicate the values of the company in the tour.

The virtual tour in Thinglink: