Case Study: One 360-image can be all that is needed

When companies use marketing solutions with 360 images they usually visualize some sort of space. A common option is virtual tour, but if your work is using your knowledge in your office, a virtual tour is most likely not that suitable for your company. TopGoaling Oy, a HR consultancy and career coaching company, used one 360 image to support execute its key message of one of the services it provides.

TopGoaling teamed up with Karelia UAS students to develop marketing communication and product portfolio and to create a related marketing solution with 360 image or video technology. TopGoaling worked with business and media students. The media students created a 360-image marketing solution and publishes it in Thinglink. The 360-solution can be explored here: 

About TopGoaling

TopGoaling is a one-man company located in Kontiolahti, Finland. It was established in 2018. The main services of TopGoaling are career and HR coaching and consultancy. The entrepreneur Tero Vornanen meets his clients either face-to-face or online, so customers can be also located abroad when the services take place.


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The content of the 360-image

In the image entrepreneur of TopGoaling gives key points on career coaching for athletes. During their active years many young athletes give 100 % towards their beloved sports. They are not always giving enough attention on the days after professional career is over. In the TopGoaling marketing solution there are two former, locally well-known professional athletes. Oona Sormunen is a five-time javelin Finnish champion, who participated three times in the European Championships. As injuries forced her to finish her career at the age of 27, she started her studies to become building engineer. Samu Pitkänen is a former star player of Jokipojat, the number one ice hockey team in the area. He had a dream of playing ice hockey as a professional, and he did it for 10 years. As a 25-year-old, in his prime athlete years, he started university studies to become a solicitor. Both athletes have worked with TopGoaling and have learned from the crucial transition from a professional athlete to a white-collar worker.

The amount of the content in the 360 image is quite small. The point is to keep message clear and not trying to tell every possible thing, especially because the nature of the service provided is unique for each customer. The most interesting detail in the creative is, that the entrepreneur is in three different locations in the same 360-image.