Case Study: Customers get virtual access to Dream Circus facilities

A Finnish clothing company Dream Circus Ltd was involved in two roles in Digi2Market cooperation. The company acted as a destination when We Make It Rock Ltd explained a reference case related to layout consulting. Dream Circus itself became interested in a virtual tour, as the company wanted to communicate its activities more openly to its customers. Dream Circus doesn’t have a physical store, only small pop-up stores.

Digi2Market worked with Dream Circus in three areas. Energy and environmental engineering students conducted an environmental review and a life cycle analysis. The company received also support from business students for planning of marketing communications. In addition, Digi2Market wanted to learn about use of a versatile virtual tour. That was created with an expert company, 360 Finland Ltd.

The environmental review and life cycle analysis confirmed Dream Circus’ viewpoints on things that the company should focus on so that they can act even more responsibly. For marketing, some new practical ideas were implemented. The virtual tour made it possible to communicate to customers in a new way, especially at a time, when the encounters with customers have been limited due to the restrictions resulting from the coronavirus situation.

About Dream Circus

Dream Circus is a textile company located in Varkaus. It was founded in 2018. The company sells fabrics, clothing and other textiles. Dream Circus was started by siblings Kati Kraemer and Laura Kemppainen. The company’s most notable brand is “ehta by Dream Circus”. Company CEO is Petra Ryymin.

Instagram: @ehtabydreamcircus

What did we do with the company?

The environmental review gathered environmental impact and management of the company. Based on this, a targeted environmental program was created. The work was done by two students. Life cycle analysis was conducted on the company's most popular product, the Bertta tunic. The analysis looked at the environmental impact of the product throughout its life cycle.

Dream Circus had two separate marketing problem areas for which it needed support from Digi2Market. The company’s marketing planning needed a tool that brings together the actual marketing, campaigns, and their timing. Another main goal of the project of two business students was to find ways to increase sales of men’s clothing.

The purpose of the virtual tour was to tell the existing story of Dream Circus in a new way. The target group of the communication was similar to the current main target groups, women aged 35-55, who can afford to consume without ignoring their sustainability values. In the videos, the company’s employees talked about fabrics, delivery and design, among other things.

The most insightful thing in the virtual tour is, that in several pictures, there is one person appearing multiple times wearing simultaneously different items from the collection of the company. Each page also offers the opportunity to go to buy those products in online store. The narration of the contents was carried out and planned together with the expert company 360 Finland.

You can see the virtual tour here in English.