Case study: Customer get virtual access to Lýtingsstaðir

Digi2Market collaborated with an Icelandic tourism company Lýtingsstaðir – Horseback riding in Iceland (Lýtingsstaðir) in a 360 virtual tour, which included interesting content such as information on how to get there, people behind the company and where to contact them. Lýtingsstaðir wanted to show their potential customers what service and facility they offer. Lýtingsstaðir offer accommodation in three wooden cottages, horse riding tours, they have an exhibition in a turf house and they offer guided tours and programs on their farm. Because of Covid-19 Lýtingsstaðir has experienced a major drop in number of customers. A 360 virtual tour helps Lýtingsstaðir showcase what service they can offer and give potential customers a realistic visual idea on what to expect when they book a service with their company once restrictions no longer persistant.

In the co-operation with Digi2Market partner SSNV the company worked with SSNV‘s project manager, Sveinbjörg Pétursdóttir. Together, Sveinbjörg and Evelyn (owner of Lýtingsstaðir) created a 360 virtual tour using Thinglink-service. The solution can be found here:

About Lýtingsstaðir

The people behind Lýtingsstaðir are Sveinn, Evelyn and Júlíus, an Icelandic-German family who loves to welcome guests and share their passion for Iceland and its wonderful horses. Lýtingsstaðir is a farm located in Skagafjörður in the North of Iceland and opened for guests in the year 2000. Sveinn was born and raised at Lýtingsstaðir. He is an ambitious long-time horse breeder and has many years of experience of horse tourism as a business. He takes care of breeding, feeding and the farm management. Evelyn was born and raised in Germany. She is happily at home at Lýtingsstaðir since 1995, loves horses and riding and is a passionate host. She has an M.A. in cultural science, is a qualified tourist guide and works as a sessional University teacher. She takes care of marketing matters, sale and the organization of the tourism business. Júlíus Guðni is born 2003 and raised at Lýtingsstaðir. He takes care of all technical matters including the audio guide and technical support. He has designed and programmed the Lýtingsstaðir website. Besides that, he loves animals and speaks four languages. Every year the family welcomes summer employees to help them with the business during the busiest time of the year.


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Content of the virtual tour

Lýtingsstaðir offer a wide range of service. Their location is 20 km from the ring road which could make it problematic for some people to find it. The 360 marketing solution starts with a panorama image of the farm. On the panorama view you can find visual information on how to get there, see location of the services at the farm which they offer and accommodation, along with further information about each service. You can find images from the farm, the people running the farm and a video of their horses which makes the marketing material more alive. On the panorama view you also have the possibility to see an interactive 360 virtual tour of The Old Stable. When you enter the 360 image you get access to more images from the exhibition they offer and more information about their social media. You can also find information on where and how to book their services.