Case Study: Cracking Out There Eggs using Immersive Technologies

Digi2market collaborated with Glenballyeamon Farm who have been providing the local community on the north coast of Northern Ireland with its Out There free-range eggs since 1997.

About Out There Eggs

The farm is committed to a higher level of welfare for the hens with farming processes, addressing the full physiological and behavioural needs of laying hens, and allowing the birds to express more of their natural behaviours. Subsequently, the farm only uses single tier flat deck systems in which to house the birds. This is a cage-free system, in which the birds also have access to the outside and are free to roam. This approach prioritises bird welfare over cost, with the aim to minimise issues such as disease incidence, breast-bone fractures, feather pecking and mortality.

Using Immersive Technologies

Farm owner Niall Delargy was open to consider the opportunities that immersive technologies may bring to his business and was keen to explore the use of these technologies in his marketing strategies for Out There Eggs, specifically in relation to developing brand awareness. Niall was particularly keen to explore humour as a critical storytelling method using immersive technologies and leverage the marketing potential of how households are becoming increasingly influenced by ethical decision making in relation to foods. The immersive technology solution developed through the project was a web-based augmented reality (AR) solution, implemented and activated through markers on the egg box. The underscoring assumption in the deployment of an AR solution, was that seamlessly integrating the media content with the physical proximity of the user, creates a more engaged user interaction with the brand. As an additional user route to the AR Out There Eggs experience, the AR content was made accessible via Facebook’s Spark AR platform. This platform allows users to access and share AR content through Facebook’s app. The project solution also uses ‘celebrity’ as a critical concept in the development of a marketing solution. Opening the AR browser, introduces the user to two animated hens, and invites to user to click on the hens to hear them telling each other jokes. The jokes were both scripted and voiced by well-known Northern Irish Comedian Shane Todd, and significantly Shane shared the link to the AR content on his own Facebook post. Engaging Shane in the project, was an attempt not only to create local credibility in the brand, but also leveraged the significant number of Facebook followers of the well-known comedian. Coupled with humorous and entertaining content, this, it was hoped, would translate into increased Facebook ‘shares’, and ultimately result in a wider recognised brand awareness for the Out There Eggs brand.

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