Case study: Certified processing company uses virtual tour to show their facilities

Digi2Market collaborated with a certified processing company, Vörusmiðja Biopol, in a 360 virtual tour, which showed the facility and the processing machines they offer for food production. Vörusmiðjan wanted to show their facilities online and make it possible for potential customers to see what they have to offer. People can rent the facility for either half a day or a full day. A 360 virtual tour helps Vörusmiðja Biopol show the space that they offer and give potential customers a realistic visual idea on what to expect when they book a service with the company.

In the co-operation with Digi2Market partner SSNV the company worked with SSNV‘s project manager, Sveinbjörg Pétursdóttir. Together, Sveinbjörg and Þórhildur María (project manager of Vörusmiðjan) created a 360 virtual tour using Thinglink-service. The solution can be found here: 

About Vörusmiðjan

Vörusmiðjan is a certified processing space people can rent for development and production of food and cosmetics. Vörusmiðjan is a 104 sqm facility which can be rented for development work, production, seminars and for private use. The facilities are very good for producing and developing products. It has all the facilities in mind that promote a good working environment for manufacturers. The temperature in the processing space can be controlled, which is useful when working with raw materials. Devices and tables are on wheels, so it is easy to create processing lines, it is also allowed to bring your own equipment. Vörusmiðjan's project manager provides advice at all stages of the process, from product development to marketing. Protective clothing is on site, shoes, boots, aprons, gloves and hair nets.





Content of the virtual tour

Vörusmiðjan is located in the north western part of Iceland and a few kilometers from the ring road. Because of their location people are not often in the position of being capable to „pop by“ and have a look at the location before renting it to see if the facilities and the available devices fullfill their needs. Vörusmiðjan offer very good facilities to process, produce and test products. In the virtual tour customers can see how the facility is structured, what devices they offer and further information about production capabilities. By having a virtual tour potential customers can get a visual image of how the facility looks like and what they have to offer before arriving to the location.